Meal for Four: Dinner Buffet and One Wine, Draft Beer, or Soda Per Person

Crispy eggrolls, spicy kung pao chicken, and dim sum bites await at this Asian buffet, along with and Western ribs, steaks, and pasta

$40 Value for a Table of Four or More

This local mainstay serves up artful sushi and other Japanese favorites—just as they have since 1990

Banquet Menu for 10 People

Kung pao shrimp, roat duck, moo shu pork, orange peel chicken, Mongolian beef with bamboo, beef chow mein, stir-fried lobster, and tilapia

Four Full Size Ramen, One 8-Piece Seared Salmon Roll, and one 8-Piece Idaho Roll

Savory ramen paired with seared salmon rolls and spicy-tuna-topped Idaho rolls stuffed with crunchy potato fries

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