• What is SpecialsAgent

    SpecialsAgent is America’s #1 source for delivering the full range of food and drink promotional offers at the precise moment when consumers are ready to buy. It is based on a fundamental idea: consumers love to save time and money!

  • How does SpecialsAgent work?

    Once a consumer inserts a location (or allows the device to automatically handle that), SpecialsAgent delivers the full range of promotional offers for up to 200 restaurants and bars sorted by distance and day. Offers include Discounted Specials. Daily Deals, Coupons, Reservations, New Menu Items, Featured Items, Loyalty Offers, Delivery Offers and Special Events. If needed, convenient links to see the details are right on the screen.

  • How Much Does It Cost For Users?

    It’s free! Users can easily check out SpecialsAgent with their desktop computer, laptop, tablet, any mobile phone, or using the iPhone app.

  • Is it Possible To Filter All The Promotional Offers?

    Yes, and it’s easy! The default page gives a user all the offers for all the venues but it is very easy to filter by Venue Type, Offer Type, Day of Week, Keyword or Cuisine.

  • How Do Restaurant and Bars Get Their Offers Included On SpecialsAgent?

    Thousands of specials are consolidated and validated by the SpecialsAgent team every day from merchant websites, social media, text alerts, emails, deal partners, advertising, direct mail and publicity. Additionally, owners or managers of restaurants and bars manage and publish offers via our business site at Additionally, consumers can easily let us know about promotional offers via our online "Tell Us" feature and, once we validate them with the merchant, we quickly publish them.

  • How Can I Contact SpecialsAgent?

    Just click here to submit a comment or request. If you prefer to call or email, just click here.